Return to Work Planning

A return to work plan lays out the steps that need to be taken to return an employee to his or her pre-injury job.

In the ideal situation, the plan is developed jointly by the injured employee, the employee’s supervisor, and if applicable, the return to work program manager (who co-ordinates the process), the worker’s health care provider (through the provision of restrictions), and the union representative, (if applicable).

Our Winsor Health medical department, can assist in the process when the need arises. A return to work plan includes the following:

  1. The goals of the plan.
  2. The actions required to achieve these goals.
  3. Time frames for achieving these goals.
  4. Health care needs.

IME Assessments

An Independent Medical Evaluation is an objective, physical or mental health assessment conducted by a physician or allied  professional. The purpose of the assessment is to determine the nature and extent of an injury. The findings of the examination are documented in a formal written report that addresses specific questions associated with the diagnosis and treatment.
We will also make arrangements for your employee or claimant’s transportation and interpretation services as required.  Our mandate is to complete each assessment with the highest level of convenience and professionalism.

Medical File and Case Reviews

Our file review protocol will provide you with the fastest possible turnaround time for Medical File and Case Reviews. Our medical teams are experienced in reviewing the relevant documents to ensure the most comprehensive and accurate evidence-based report. Our Medical File Reviews emphasize conclusions and recommendations based on the medical evidence and within a reasonable degree of medical probability and certainty.

Each report is thoroughly vetted by our Quality Assurance Team to ensure that it fully addresses all aspects of referral request and that the outcomes are clearly defined and defensible.

Physician Consultation

Many corporations have workplace employee concerns involving medical factors that potentially affect worker performance, attendance, and safety in the workplace. These companies often do not have readily accessible means to seek an objective and knowledgeable medical review and opinion and often have to rely solely on the employee’s personal physician’s recommendations which often lack the experience to review these concerns through a more focused lens.  Alternatively, you go the route of requesting an Independent Medical Examination (IME) which can be both costly and timely.

Employers have the right to request an independent medical opinion in regard to workplace suitability.  This can be completed as a direct medical consultation with your company’s medical advisor

Winsor Health Services will provide you an Employer Referral form to utilize our services that will allow us to communicate with you and an Employee Consent form that will allows us to communicate with the employee’s medical provider(s) and our office to review the medical circumstances and offer appropriate workplace recommendations.  At the same time the consent limits the recommendations to the workplace duties only (including precautions, limitation or restrictions and accommodations, if necessary) – therefore maintaining the employee’s medical confidentiality as required by law.

If the case is very complex and not understood after initial medical consultation, a formal Independent Medical Examination with the appropriate Medical or Surgical Specialist can still be requested; however this is rarely required. The doctor-to-doctor consultation can also aid in recommending the most appropriate type of IME and the specific questions that need to be asked in regard to the workplace function.

Pre-Assessment File Reviews

Recognizing that protecting an employee’s health information is of utmost importance, prior to submitting an employee for an Independent Medical or Mental Health Assessment (IME), Winsor Health will review the employee’s medical brief and prepare a summary of the clinical information and will prepare the applicable questions for the IME assessor to address.  This service will not only allow for a very thorough examination, it will also provide the employer with an in-depth and conclusive opinion on the employee’s objective prognosis and recommendations for accommodations or further treatment if required.

Complex Claims

Winsor Health will assist you with the management of complex or long duration claims.  We will gather all the appropriate health and allied professionals to work directly with the employee, their family and / or treating physician to gain insight into their impairments and medical restrictions and will develop a plan of action to Assess, diagnose and prepare an intense treatment plan to assist the employee to return to work or work modification or accommodation.

Our Case managers will also provide support to help individuals learn more about, and ultimately make decisions regarding:

  • Monitoring of physical and/or mental illness and symptoms
  • Helping develop better coping strategies (positive psychology)
  • Developing and maintaining independence
  • Education supports
  • Employment / Volunteering supports
  • Life and social skills development
  • Health & wellness
  • Linking with other community services

Treatment Plan Reviews

Winsor Health assessors and case managers will gather medical information and review all treatment plans to ensure the correct treatment protocols are being utilized to assist the employee and ensure that the correct fees are being charged for services.  We will contact all the treatment providers listed on treatment plans to help determine that the treatment(s) proposed are reasonable and necessary and the appropriate fees for services are being charged.