Independent Medical Assessments (IMEs)

According to the Ministry of Labour – Prevention Council, musculoskeletal disorders and stress for employees account for the majority of work-related lost-time claims. This cost workplaces hundreds of millions of dollars from absenteeism and lost productivity.  An employee’s family physician alone is not a reliable source of providing employers with an objective diagnosis of his/her patient’s health or an accurate prognosis for recovery.

An Independent Medical Evaluation is an objective, physical or mental health assessment conducted by a physician or allied  professional. The purpose of the assessment is to determine the nature and extent of an injury. The findings of the examination are documented in a formal written report that addresses specific questions associated with the diagnosis and treatment.
Winsor Health’s administrative staff will also make arrangements for your employee or claimant’s transportation and interpretation services as required.  Our mandate is to complete each assessment with the highest level of convenience and professionalism.

Aviation and Marine Medical Examination

Certified specialist:

Our certified aviation and marine medical examiners are well versed in Transport Canada guidelines for Civil Aviation and Marine Medical Examinations.

They will assess a pilot’s fitness to fly through vision and hearing tests, ruling out existing and previous illness that might compromise safe piloting. The examination may also include medical physicals, ECGs, and audiograms.

Marine Medical Examinations will include tests for visual acuity, colour vision, hearing and other physical requirements. It may also include a cognitive screen. We provide mariners with pre-employment, periodic and return-to-work medicals.

Diagnostic Testing Coordination

Our Staff will coordinate all diagnostic and investigative tests for your employees within days, eliminating long wait times for hospital bookings.

Post Offer Employment Medicals

A post offer screen is a valid and reliable tool to identify whether a candidate can perform the physical requirements of the job.  It is designed to determine if there is a match between the candidate’s functional capabilities and the job specific demands that are outlined in the Physical Demands Analysis.

Legally, these tests must be applied to all candidates, and candidates must be offered the job, prior to testing, on the condition that they pass the physical requirements of the job.  To perform a thorough post offer screen, the following components should be included.  Results should be cross-checked whenever possible to ensure consistency:

  • Accurate physical demands analysis
  • Clear acceptance criteria
  • Musculoskeletal (MSK) screening
  • Standardized objective testing
  • Occupational testing

The Post Offer Employment Tests are to assist with recruiting employment candidates who are physically suited to do the essential tasks of the position to minimize risk of injury.

Cognitive and Physical Testing

In addition to providing a physical demands analysis and functional capacity evaluations to test the physical capabilities  of an employee, we can also provide a cognitive screen utilizing our unique tool  – Decyfer. 

Decyfer can be used as an initial screening for pre or post employment offers to determine cognitive variables that may be relevant to one’s job duties.  It provides:

  • Baseline testing for successful candidates (you can see if an event has, or has not, had a cognitive impact on their capabilities/career)
  • Post event it can be administered anywhere online in multiple languages (baseline screening post event could occur immediately)
  • Extremely cost effective given it is online.
  • Quick access to mental health screening capability.

Cognitive Tests Used in Decyfer are:


Working memory


Short term recall

Long term recall

Information Processing Speed


Sustained attention

Ability to focus

Visual-Spatial and Perceptual Function


At-Home Functional Assessments

When it is not possible for an employee or claimant to travel to our clinical setting for functional testing, we will take our mobile functional testing system to their homes and perform

Executive Health Services

Our Executive Health Examinations are tailored to your needs and can be part of your competitive corporate packages .  Commit to creating a healthy leadership team, minimize business risks and realize real results with our Executive Health Exams.

Medical Briefing Services

At Winsor Health, we realize that medical second opinions are important to our clients and their staff.  With that in mind, we have created our Medical Brief Review which offers a non-binding, professional and independent review of one’s medical brief to opine on the treatment protocol and outcomes as it relations to cost and care.

Job Demands Analysis

A Job Demand Analysis (JDA) is a structured process designed to identify the specific physical, psychosocial and environmental requirements of a job.

Conducted by a Winsor Health Occupational Health Professional, information is collected through observation, measurement and interviews with both the incumbent employees and supervisors.  This onsite visit will allow us to gather information which is then analysed, compared and combined with reference literature and the National Occupational Classifications (NOC).  The NOC provides standardized language for describing the work performed by Canadians in the labour market. It gives statisticians, labour market analysts, career counselors, employers and individual job seekers a consistent way to collect data and describe and understand the nature of work.

Job Demand Analysis are used to:

  • Develop specific protocols for both Pre-Placement and Return to Work Assessments
  • Develop Graduated Return to Work Plans
  • Develop job accommodation in Duty to Accommodate Programs
  • Guide treatment during rehabilitation post injury or illness
  • Provide a realistic match of job demands with a worker’s ability

Benefits Include:

  • Reduced injuries resulting from the assessment and match of demands with abilities
  • Appropriate treatment and rehabilitation
  • Timely and sustained return to work, benefiting both employee and employer
  • Return to work and accommodation decisions that are defensible.

Physical Demands Analysis

A physical demands analysis involves examining a particular job and breaking it down into individual tasks.  A thorough physical demands analysis should include as much detail as possible.  Therefore, it should comment on weights, forces, frequency, and duration of all tasks performed, as this will ensure objectivity.

It should be performed by a qualified assessor such as a Registered Kinesiologist, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, or Ergonomist.

Ergonomic Assessments

Winsor Health’s Occupational Kinesiologists  will conduct an onsite evaluation of an employee’s workstation or work environment.  With recognized ergonomic guidelines and applications our goals of ergonomic assessment or re-design will include:

  • The provision of adequate postural support.
  • The promotion of proper body and limb weight distribution.
  • To promote natural limb positions.
  • To minimize extended reaches, force or repetition in the performance of the job.
  • To maximize efficiency when performing job tasks.

An employee’s work environment should optimize the worker’s strengths and minimize their weaknesses.  Benefits include an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction. Costs associated with absenteeism, worker’s compensation and short and long term disability can be greatly reduced.